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Blogging can be service too

Do you love blogging? Do you love the non-profit organization of Compassion International? If you said yes to both of those, then I have good news for you! You have the opportunity to become a blogger for Compassion International. It is easy, simple, and fun! Here is how:

According to: http://compassionbloggers.com/, you can join today to become a blogger for compassion international, blogging once a month for Compassion International’s non-profit organization.

There are 4 simple steps to follow:

Step 1: “Join the Network”

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Step one is a no-brainer because all you have to do for this step is to submit your information (your email) in the space provided (after clicking on “Join the Network”).

Step 2: Wait for a reply

According to http://compassionbloggers.com/join-the-network/ there are over 2,000+ bloggers who are using their talents and resources to blog and raise awareness for children in poverty.

Once you have completed step one and have waited the time necessary, Compassion International will then send you information, like ideas on what to blog about and resources on what you can use in your blogs.

Step 3: Blog your heart away

This is easy and fun. Blogging isn’t for everyone, but if you’re good at blogging and have a heart for raising awareness for children stuck in poverty, then you are the perfect fit for the job.


According to Compassion International, they will send you topics on what to write about and from there you may open your heart, let your mind soar, and type to your heart’s content.

Step 4: Submit and happy reading!

Congratulations, you have now completed your blog and submitted it to Compassion International. Now you, all of your friends, and the entire world can read your blog!

Have you ever blogged for a non-profit? If so, what did you think? Would you be willing to blog for Compassion International? I would love to know your thoughts and your experience if you have blogged for a non-profit!

Thank you for reading


Kinsley Willman


Serving in more ways than one

Service goes a long way when it is done with a goal in mind. For example, if it’s a donation to help feed a child, then you are serving in more than just one way. Or if it’s serving by giving up your time, then it’ll most likely cause a chain reaction. Service from people who have a desire to help is what continues to help non-profit organizations thrive. So, whether you are a sponsor who wants to do something more, or a non-sponsor who wants to do something, then you are at the right place. There are many ways to serve the children through Compassion International whether its through donation or volunteering your time.


The first option is through donation. Located at the top of Compassion International‘s page there is a section titled, “Ways to Donate” (picture above). Here the list reads as follows: “meet critical needs, rescue babies and mothers, develop a future leader, donate to a cause, and shop a gift catalog”. If you have a little extra cash and you just want to donate it to a worthy cause, check out one of these options! The money given to the critical needs section is given to the needs that are labeled as an emergency. The money given to the “rescue babies and mothers” section does exactly that; it goes towards keeping a child healthy and giving it the proper nourishment that he/she needs while at the same time giving the mother the education that she needs to raise her baby.

The donation given to “develop a future leader” is given to a student in the Compassion International program who is going through college and this donation pays for the students books, living, and tuition for school. “Donation to a cause” gives a list of causes that have needs that you can donate to. There’s even an option to donate money to an unsponsored child if you feel that you cannot sponsor a child at this time. The last and most interesting option is the “shop our gift catalog” which gives you a digital catalog of of gifts you can purchase to give to the children in the sponsorship program of Compassion International. Out of the many options here are a few listed: Bibles, a goat, garden seeds, bathrooms at the compassion center, and to rescue a child from a dangerous situation.

The second option to serve is through volunteering. As a current sponsor, there is an option to donate your time standing at a table, giving out child packets, and telling other people about Compassion International’s program through Compassion partnered events. Personally I have never volunteered in this kind of event because I out of state studying in school, but I have heard all great things about these volunteer events. Another way to help out is to join and participate in Compassion International’s Step Up fundraiser walk. I am currently apart of a team who is creating the next event for Step Up, which is coming soon! My hope, after I Graduate college this coming May of 2016, is to actually be able to work side by side with these members who are diligently working hard to plan the event.


Please comment below if you have any questions or would like to learn more!

Thanks for Reading!


Kinsley Willman