More Than A Letter

Everyone likes to receive a letter from a friend, whether it comes through the U.S. Post Office or whether it comes via email. When sponsoring a child through Compassion International, a letter is a physical connection that unites the sponsored child with his or her own sponsor. A letter is more than words on a piece of paper, more than a few photos, more than a way to introduce yourself, and more than a greeting. A letter is a piece of your heart. The letter goes beyond the small monthly payment that you set aside to donate to your child to the sponsorship program. Your letter means the world to these kids, it means that you care, that you love them, and that you believe that they are of significant worth.

A letter to you may be a few words written on a piece of paper, but to your sponsored child a letter is a gift. A letter is you physically reaching out and telling your child that you believe in them and that you are willing to go the extra mile to tell them that they are loved.

A letter is easy to write and Compassion International gives you the option to write your letters online via your online account. There are a few simple steps to take to compose a letter to your child . First log into your account, second click on the tab that says “write my child”, and then click “compose letter”. Once you have gotten to the letter you must follow the five easy steps listed below (Write letter, add photos (optional), select template, preview, and send letter). Once you have clicked “send”, you’ve completed a letter! Since Compassion International gives you the option to type out your letter online, there is no need to go through the tedius process of getting paper, a good pen, buying a stamp, and then sending it to the Compassion International corporate office. But if you prefer to handwrite a letter, then Compassion International will send to you templates and envelopes so that you can handwrite your own letter. You can also include a drawing to send to your child.


Children who receive letters love pictures because the photographs are another way to connect with you. Below is a photograph of some of my own recent letters sent to my own Compassion Child in Uganda. For each letter you submit online, you are able to attach three photos.


In addition, one of the really neat things about Compassion International is that they design their letters into two columns, one which is written by the sponsor in their own language and one that includes the translation in the child’s native tongue. If you are writing a letter to submit online, you are given a limit as to how much you can write in each letter (this is because the Corporate office needs space to translate), but the greatest part is that you can submit as many letters as you would like (No Limit!).



Are you a sponsor? If you are, what are a few ways that you have learned the importance of writing letters? If you are not a sponsor, would you consider the opportunity to change a child’s life?

Thanks for Reading!


Kinsley Willman


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